What is the OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel?

Your opinion counts

Many people don't realize how much surveys and focus groups impact the development of services and products in the healthcare industry. It's common for the pharmaceutical industry to use market research before releasing their service or products, to gain a better perspective on the needs and expectations of healthcare professionals and patients. When joining the OMR Globus Healthcare Professional Panel, you are directly influencing the decisions of local, regional, and even global businesses to create better services and products in the healthcare industry, sharing your opinions, thoughts and experiences regarding a range of other interesting topics.


You can make a difference

As a member of the Healthcare Professional online panel we will ask you during online surveys about your opinion and experiences regarding a range of topics. You can choose how many and which surveys you would like to participate in and you can cancel your membership of the panel at any time. Every time you successfully finish an interview we will pay you an honorarium ranging from $25 to $300 per survey, depending on the length and topic of the interview. As a member of the OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals panel you will have access to a self-serve portal, where you can see how much money you have earned, see new surveys and update your personal information. The information you fill out will only be used for market research purposes and your email address and personal information will never be offered or sold to third parties.

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How to join the OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel

If you are a healthcare professional and want to make a difference by sharing your opinions and expertise you can join the OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel.



Answer all questions in the panel registration. Your answers will help us to add you to the correct category, so we can send you only those surveys that are applicable to your expertise.



Once you get to the last question in the registration form and click the 'register' button you will receive a confirmation email and your log in details to your self serve portal. Click on 'confirm' in the email to confirm your panel join request.



To ensure that only healthcare professionals are added to the panel we will need to verify that you are a healthcare professional. Our panel manager Emil Prutina will get in touch with you via email and walk you through the verification process.

Healthcare Research

Taking Surveys

Once verified you are a member of our Healthcare Professionals Panel. You will receive invitations to surveys that fit your profile. In your self-serve portal you will be able to withdraw the credits you earned, see new survey opportunities and change your information.

Emil Prutina (Lemi)

Emil Prutina

Dear Healthcare Professional,

On behalf of OMR Globus and our entire team we would like to welcome you to OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals community. We would like to thank to all of you who have been actively participating in our research projects and to thank in advance to all who will take part in our future research projects.
We understand that you are taking time from your busy schedule to participate, complete surveys, interviews, focus groups, charts, and we would like you to know that we are so grateful of you being involved in our studies. Your contribution is a big part of the company's success, improvements and growth. Your talents, knowledge and expertise are amazing.
We want you to know that our commitments to constant improvements to make your experience with the commmunity and participation in our projects a pleasant and enjoyable activity is a priority number one. We are commited to providing unparalelled services to you as a panel and community member. We promote organizational culture that is respectful, professional, timely, efficient, fair, trustworthy. Our focal point is the panel and community member experience and satisfaction..
If there is anything we can do to make your participation in our research projects more comfortable and enjoyable please let any member of the OMR Globus staff know. We appreciate communication with all community members and we would like to encourage you to voice your opinions, comments, suggestions. Let us know when we did wrong so we can make it better. Let us know also when we did good. It means a lot to the entire team when we know you were happy. If you are not 100% satisfied - we have not done a good job. We are here for you.

Welcome and thank you again.

Sincerely yours,
Emil Prutina

OMR Globus Panel Manager